Mission & Value Proposition


To elevate the entire nonprofit sector with tools, skills, and thought leadership that each nonprofit may achieve mission success.


  • Teach nonprofits and their boards about organizational learning and retention of institutional knowledge.
  • Advance internal controls with each nonprofit client we serve.
  • Develop an approach to contracting that aligns with the risk tolerance/ intolerance of the nonprofit client.
  • Assist nonprofit boards to speak with one voice.
  • Support the relationships between the nonprofit board/ chair and staff/ CEO.


  • Service – Be the embodiment of the Servant Lawyer. At work, ego should fall second to empathy. Service to the client demands civility and mindfulness in our representation.
  • Stewardship – We are entrusted with our clients’ resources to fulfill a legal function. We must strive to be efficient in everything we do to maximize our value to clients. Leave everything better than when we found it.
  • Mission – Remain focused on client mission when working.
  • Integrity – Decisions are black and white. Acknowledge and correct mistakes. Be honest. Be consistent.
  • Discipline – Strive to make excellence a habit.
  • Mental Health – Take care of yourself to be able to serve the mission to the best of your ability.

Practice Areas

Our firm offers general and special counsel services to nonprofit organizations. A significant number of our clients are engaged in the higher education or healthcare industries.  While our practice areas are geared towards universities and health systems, the breadth of our knowledge and experience enables us to serve most tax exempt and nonprofit organizations as general or special counsel.




Intellectual Property

Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures of Nonprofits

Our Value Proposition.

We recognize that we must be good stewards of the resources and budgets that clients set for their legal needs.  We are dedicated to a process of legal practice management, based on three areas of focus:

  • Communication, including scoping the specifics of legal work within your budget
  • Efficiency
  • Predictability of cost

We aim to work within a client’s budget and add legal value to each client enterprise by leveraging our industry knowledge and experience to create customized form contracts for each client’s repetitive needs, to train client personnel to negotiate within the contract framework, and to create internal processes that reduce the amount of attorney time necessary to support a client’s business.   We are a paperless office and, as part of any engagement, maintain an electronic record of each client’s legal files.